Water Treatment

All equipment requiring a water connection needs protection from the adverse effects of poor water quality.  Cooking equipment, warewashers and ice machines routinely experience high maintenance cost if the incoming water supply is not properly treated.  The Hobart family of water filters and softeners reduce the manifold problems caused by scale and corrosion.  The result is improved equipment performance and longevity.  Other benefits of water treatment are:

  • Eliminates scaling caused by water hardness and diminishes costly deliming
  • Reduces the need for service calls due to water related maintenance issues
  • Minimizes detergent and chemical expenses due to lower consumption
  • Increases hot-water efficiency and reduces operating costs           

Several water treatment options are available to prevent scale build-up in cooking equipment and warewashers.    Click on the Hobart Water Treatment logo to review the complete product offering.  At your request, a Hobart representative will test the water quality at your facility and make recommendations on the best solution.

               Water Softeners